The Results Are In

I’ve been remiss in posting the results of my trip last weekend. {Shame on me!} I thought going south would be warmer but Houston was cold. Brrrr However, the warmth and hospitality of the people more than made up for the cool temperatures.

The members of West Houston RWA were great. They made each contest finalist present feel as if we were princesses, giving each of us a place of honor to sit, free books (tied with a red ribbon) and then of course was “The Emily Presentation”. It was so cool seeing your picture on the big screen. As of this writing, they don’t have the results on their website,, but keep checking back.

I won’t be mean and make you wait that long, though. I entered in the Series Contemporary category with Silhouette Editor Patience Smith and Agent Sha-Shana Crichton as the final round judges.

I came in SECOND!

Woot!! I’m absolutely thrilled with my placement. I received some good feedback from all of the judges so now I know what I need to do to punch up my pages and make them stronger. Hopefully, the next contest I enter I’ll walk away with the coveted FIRST PLACE award.

My question to you is: do you find contests helpful? Why do you enter them? Is it because of the final round judge, the feedback or both? Or is it just so you can get a pretty certificate to hang on the wall? Personally, I do it for all of those reasons. Plus, it’s validation that my writing is on track and that I’m making progress. That’s what we all want, right? To know that our writing is improving to the point that we’ll be published again and again and again.


About Linda Trout

I'm a retired accountant who loves a little space around me. What better way to think of new story ideas than under a tall tree, birds chirping, gofers digging, dogs barking, and cats demanding to be in your lap? When I'm totally bored, I climb on my Harley and go for a ride. That'll blow the cobwebs out of your brain.
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4 Responses to The Results Are In

  1. Marcy Smith says:

    Yahoo! Now you an accomplished ratchet-jaw in two forms of communication: speech and writing (haha). Love you, and GREAT writing.

  2. Linda says:

    Hey, Marcy,

    See? I’m multi talented. 🙂

    It was a great trip, in more ways than one. Got to stay with a former co-worker and best friend while there so I killed two birds with one stone. Wish I’d had more time to visit with her, though.

    Thanks for dropping by.


  3. Marilyn says:

    I enter contests for the ego stroke. Published, we usually don’t get feedback, and I wouldn’t want it anyway — the book’s already published and can’t be changed, so don’t tell me why it didn’t work for you!

    But no matter what level you’re at in your career, it’s always wonderful to final in or win a contest — validation.

    Of course, cold cash doesn’t hurt, either.

    • Linda says:

      I agree, Marilyn. The validation is great, no matter how many books you’ve published. This is such an emotional industry that we need those strokes (from time to time) to keep us going.

      Cold, hard cash sounds really good to me, too! Besides, RWI’s More Than Magic contest, how many actually give cash prizes? I’ve never paid attention.

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