What inspires you? More importantly, WHO inspires you? There’s a member of my RWA chapter that has had some serious health issues lately. She’s been hospitalized numerous times and because of her medical problems, finds it difficult to write. Talk about cutting out your heart!

In the mist of all her troubles, she still struggles to get a few words written every day. Or at least do some plotting. I’m sure if you asked her, she wouldn’t claim any heroic feat. In fact, she may find getting out of bed in the mornings a major chore.

But in the middle of all of this, she has become an inspiration to a newer member of the chapter.

It’s hard to sit back and whine about your own writing, muse, whatever, when you see someone else working so hard just to get a few words down. You find new resolve to keep plugging away, to get the kinks worked out of your own story as your friend struggles to simply keep going.

So are you an inspiration? You may not think so but we don’t know how our actions, no matter how small, will affect someone else. Keeping a positive attitude, even in the face of extreme adversity, may be the catalyst/hope/inspiration for someone else.

To both my friends I say; keep your chin up, have faith and know that there are others pulling for you.

LY both.


About Linda Trout

I'm a retired accountant who loves a little space around me. What better way to think of new story ideas than under a tall tree, birds chirping, gofers digging, dogs barking, and cats demanding to be in your lap? When I'm totally bored, I climb on my Harley and go for a ride. That'll blow the cobwebs out of your brain.
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8 Responses to Inspirations

  1. RD Carter says:

    My first meeting you were a standout, Linda. And I thank you for your welcoming and encouraging spirit.

    You are the epitome of social grace and understanding. You inspire me to learn more about the business and be the most professional, put together writer I can be. Ash teaches me to plow through, even when the road is rocky and you’ve lost your only pair of shoes.

    What a great post and question.

    Thanks for being an inspiration!

  2. Linda says:

    You always make me blush. Heck, it was just plain ole’ southern hospitality and I try to greet everyone the same way. But I have to admit, there have been a few times when I’ve walked in the door really cranky and didn’t want to talk to anyone! However, by the time I walked out of the meeting, I’d totally forgotten what was bugging me. Our chapter meetings do…reminds me what a great bunch of people we have and what an awesome career this is.

    Btw, you’re a great inspiration, too. Not sure you’re aware of just how much, but you are. SO glad you joined us!!

  3. Meg says:

    Inspiration comes in many forms and fashions. Many of the great women of RWI inspire me. An uplifting comment can negate the evil/bad/hurtful ones. You do that for me, Linda.
    Ash is another inspiration as is Ren. Ren reminds me to laugh, even when it hurts.
    As long as I have my sisters, I will be all right.

    But the person who really inspires me the most is my daughter. Truly God’s best gift to me!

    • Linda says:

      I think it’s wonderful that your greatest inspiration is your daughter! Who would’ve thought it a few years ago? Now look at y’all. {grin}

      I’m so glad that I can help uplift you from time to time. Want to know something funny? Over the last couple of months, my DH has been gone (which is another post) and everytime I got out there to mow the yard or whatever, I’d think of you. I figured if you can practically run that place of yours while your DH was hurt and still go race your car every week, I figured I could handle a little thing like mow the 3-4 acres every week before it engulfed the house.

      YOU have been a GREAT inspiration to me. Both in my writing and in my life. THANK YOU, MEG!!

  4. Lovely post, Linda. There are indeed a lot of wonderful people in our chapter whose lives give hope and inspiration. The best thing about our chapter though are the friendships I’ve made. In particular, the one with you. I feel truly blessed to have met you and to call you “friend, sister, and pal.”

    • Linda says:

      Oh, thank you, Lynn. You know I feel the same way about you. While going through this journey called life, every now and then a kindred soul crosses our paths. I’m so glad our paths crossed!!

  5. mjpappano says:

    Me, too. RWI meetings always make me feel better and ready to tackle another month’s work until the next meetings. It’s such a pleasure to spend an afternoon with someone who gets me and doesn’t think I’m odd. 😉

    • Linda says:

      If you’re ‘odd’, then so are all the other RWI members. It’s the rest of the world that’s off kilter. (If you ask me, that is.) 😉

      I can be having the worst day ever, then walk into that room and it’s suddenly all gone. By the time I leave, I can’t even remember what was bugging me. If I don’t get my monthly RWI ‘fix’, I’m really hard to live with!

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