Wild Weather

Wild, wild weather. Last week we were feeding the wood stove for all it was worth, shoveling knee to hip deep snow drifts and bundling up for the subzero temps. What little snow that was left this morning was in the deep shade but I’m sure that’s gone by now. I’ve opened all the windows on the house and am thinking about a motorcycle ride. Seriously. The current temp is 76 F. LOVE IT!

The weirdest thing is that I didn’t get much writing done during the cold. Maybe I had brain freeze. However, once the temps warmed up, I found myself engrossed in my current WIP. Go figure.

So the decision now is whether to go back out and poke around in the flower beds, go for a ride or keep my rear glued to this chair. Since it’s still the middle of winter, I’m opting for anything outside!

Oh, here are a couple of pictures of what it looked like around our place the last couple of weeks. One was taken during the blizzard; yes, hubby was out walking the dogs but took the camera with him. This is our house, taken from across the creek.

The other is of our ‘girls’, Mindy and Mandy after they’d been out playing last week. Hubby laid on his back to get a good shot. (Bless his little ole’ heart.)

Mindy & Mandy

We have another picture where the snow is at the bottom of their bellies and they’re looking around as if they don’t know how to get out of the stuff. Hilerious.  But no more snow pictures. Everyone has had more than enough.

If you live in NE Oklahoma, Romance Writers Ink will be holding our monthly meeting this Saturday, the 19th (a week late due to that darned snow!) on the OSU-Tulsa campus, north conference center, room 110. The meeting starts at 1:00 but come earlier if you want. Some of us are always there by noon. For more details go to our website, www.rwi-rwa.com. Hope to see you there!


About Linda Trout

I'm a retired accountant who loves a little space around me. What better way to think of new story ideas than under a tall tree, birds chirping, gofers digging, dogs barking, and cats demanding to be in your lap? When I'm totally bored, I climb on my Harley and go for a ride. That'll blow the cobwebs out of your brain.
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6 Responses to Wild Weather

  1. Marilyn says:

    They’re such dolls!!

    Two of our puppers who’ve gone to Doggy Heaven, Duc and Jack, LOVED the snow, the deeper, the better. They’d dive into it, disappear, tunnel through and come up again 10 or 15 feet away.

    This bunch we have now, only one of them will even go off the porch to do his business. The rest act like it’s alien scum.

  2. Linda says:

    LOL about the dogs tunneling through the snow. Ours have never gone quite that far before…just play snowplow with their noses. And rub and roll in it of course. Maybe our youngest tomcat needs to show your other puppers how to manuver in the white stuff. He didn’t want to miss out on the walks with the dogs. As long as someone broke trail for him, he was good. Although, there were times even that didn’t make him turn back. He loved it after that first snow and it thawed then refroze enough for him to walk on top of it. Was rather upset after the 2nd snow that he couldn’t still do that.

  3. Susan Shay says:

    They look so much alike. That could be a mirror and one dog instead of two. What sweethearts!

    • Linda says:

      Thanks, Susan. Guard dogs they aren’t. They’d come closer to licking you to death than biting you. LOL

      Btw, we always say Mindy before Mandy but when looking at the picture, Mandy is on the left. She ALWAYS sits on Mindy’s right. Not that they’re actually sitting here or anything.

  4. Meg says:

    Beautiful dogs, Linda! Tell Jack he ‘done’ good on the pictures.
    Love the one of your house too!

    • Linda says:

      I’ll do that, Meg. He’d tried to get a good picture of them in the snow previously. They’d never look up at him. Finally, he just laid on his back and snapped until he got a good one. Yeah, I like the one of the house, too. He has several closer where it shows the snow at the bottom of the windows. What it doesn’t show is the windows are 3 feet from the ground. Typical drifts for everyone around here. Sure was glad to see the sun come out!!

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