Good Friday

A lot of people don’t believe in Jesus Christ or that He came to earth and died for our sins so that we may have an eternal life with Him. Nor do they believe that on the 3rd day after His death, He rose from the grave and walked among men before ascending into Heaven.

But He did.

One day, this world will no longer exist. Christ will return and all who have lived will face their judgment. We will stand before the Lord God and make an accounting of every deed we’ve ever done. Might take a while. That’s okay. We’ll have an eternity so there’s no rush.

Yes, today we celebrate Christ’s death and on Sunday, we’ll celebrate His resurrection.

If you don’t believe, and there isn’t anything anyone can say or do to change your mind, then so be it. One day, though, everyone will know the truth.

I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me. (John 14:6 NIT)

I believe.

About Linda Trout

I'm a retired accountant who loves a little space around me. What better way to think of new story ideas than under a tall tree, birds chirping, gofers digging, dogs barking, and cats demanding to be in your lap? When I'm totally bored, I climb on my Harley and go for a ride. That'll blow the cobwebs out of your brain.
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