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Would you like to get a little inside scoop of my last book, TANGLED PROMISES, from The Wild Rose Press? I recently did a character interview with Wild Women Authors. I had so much fun with this interview that I wanted to share it with you. This is directly off of their site and I’m posting it here because several people told me they couldn’t get on the site.

 Tangled Promises by Linda Trout

Widow Melody Rose has already lost one man whose job involved guns and violence. She swore she’d never put herself through that again. At first Sheriff Jake Bennett wants nothing to do with the taciturn café owner, but Melody intrigues him. When a stalker targets her, he’s determined to protect the woman he has fallen for. But can Melody overcome her greatest fear and save the man she never dreamed would claim her heart?

 Wild Women Authors is pleased to feature author Linda Trout and Tangled Promises, a contemporary romantic suspense recently released by the Wild Rose Press. With Linda is café owner Melody Rose who will go first.

Good morning, Melody. Let’s begin with where you are from. I’m from Rock Ledge, Arkansas, which is a quiet little town in the middle of the Ozark Mountains. It’s so small you’d almost miss it on a map, but I wouldn’t trade this place for the world.

Tell us a bit about Tangled Promises. Let’s just say this is about letting go of the past and accepting what’s right in front of you, even when that something, or someone, is the total opposite of what you thought you wanted. I’d get lost in a big city like Chicago, yet he thrives there. Why he chose to move down here is beyond me. Maybe he’ll eventually open up and take me into his confidence. I sense there’s a lot more to his story than simply wanting a fresh start somewhere new.

What did you think the first time you saw Sheriff Jake Bennett. He  walked in the door of my café, he drew everyone’s attention, including mine. New to town, he’s tall, dark and hard to miss.

Tall, dark and handsome is always a fave with us, What was your second thought? Not only was he wearing a uniform and badge, but also had an impressive size gun strapped to his hip.

Hah! Good one. Do you feel it was love at first sight? Mercy, no! Didn’t you just hear what I said? He wore a gun. I lost my husband to gun violence and want nothing to do with them, or even people in law enforcement for that matter.

What happened next? Once I looked past the gun, and his reserved exterior, I found he has a kind heart and is a good man. He makes me feel safe and cherished. Plus, did I mention he’s sexy as all get out?

You sort of hinted at that aspect of his overall picture. How would you describe Jake? At first, he was really standoffish, but it didn’t take the big city cop long to adjust to our small town way of life. At least I think so. He keeps a lot to himself, so I wonder what he’s thinking most of the time. However, I know firsthand that he’d lay down his life for yours. That’s the type of person I want to be around.

How would Jake describe you? At first, he would’ve said a cactus would’ve been more welcoming than I had been. In fact, I barely spoke to him. Well, until the plane crash that is. He saved my life that day, so after that I think we both saw each other in a different light. I feed him a lot better now, too.

What made you choose operating a cafe for a career? It wasn’t my first choice. Or my second. It had been my husband’s dream after he got out of the army. We signed the papers to buy the Tangled Rose Café the day before he was murdered. All of our money was tied up in the place, plus I wanted to fulfil his dream, so here I am.

What is your biggest fear? I think not being able to move forward with my life, and forever being alone scares me the most. Seeing my husband shot in front of me had a paralyzing affect in more ways than one.

How do you relax? Relax? Ha. What’s that? Actually, I do have a secluded place outside of town where I go. There’s a stream, lots of trees, and best of all, it’s quiet. I can breathe. Being around people all day wears on my nerves, so going out to the creek, kicking off my shoes and wading in the water soothes my soul.

Who is your favorite fictional character? Scarlet O’Hara. She didn’t let life beat her so far down she could never get up again. I keep envisioning myself standing on a hill with my fist raised in the air and proclaiming my intentions to survive.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received? My great-aunt once told me to never change; to always be myself. Now if I can figure out who I am, that’ll be a piece of cake. 😉

This has been very enlightening, Melody. Thank you. Now we’d like to chat with Linda.

What movies or books have had an impact on your career as a writer? One of the books that really spoke to me was Widow’s of Wichita County by Jodi Thomas. It’s a women’s fiction and the characters each stepped beyond their own previously conceived idea of who they were to become new selves, to pick up the pieces of their tattered worlds and become better women and move forward. I haven’t had a severe tragedy in my life like the five women in that book did, but it showed me what a person can do if they want it bad enough, like publishing.

Is there an event in your private life that you were able to bring to this story and how do you feel it impacted the novel? I grew up in a small town and brought some of my experiences to this book, like when my father was burned in a house fire and all the other farmers left their fields to bring in Dad’s crops. That’s the sort of thing people do in small towns, support each other. Of course, the downside is everyone knows everyone else’s business. By adding those factors in, it gave the story a sense of realism.

Tell us a bit about your publisher: how did you hear about them and what influenced your decision to submit to them? A friend told me about The Wild Rose Press several years ago. Later, I met the owner at a writer’s conference and was impressed by how personable she was. She truly cares for all of her authors. I’ve been very pleased with the company.

What book[s] currently rest on your TBR pile? I have several authors that are automatic go to reads. (Don’t we all have those? The people we read regardless of the books title simply because we know we’ll come away satisfied?) Currently I have Claiming Her Texas Family by Jolene Navarro and A Double Dose of Happiness by Teri Wilson at the top of my TBR pile. Can’t wait to dive into both books.

Lastly, what’s up next and when can we expect to see it on the shelves? I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the second book in the Rock Ledge series, Shattered Promises. Release date is slated for October 10, 2022.

 Linda brought an excerpt for us:

Jake stopped and wrapped his arms around her trembling body as she buried her face in his shirt. Her hands continued to flutter. A low keening sound from her broke his heart.

Her knees gave way completely and she sagged against him. Jake scooped her into his arms and carried her far enough that the fog enveloped them, distancing them from the sights and sounds of the crime scene. She leaned against him, her soft body reminding him she was all woman.

He stopped at a pickup and sat on its tailgate, holding Melody on his lap. He’d witnessed a lot of traumatized people over the years, but to see the pain of this always in control, tough, take no guff from anyone business-woman put a little crack in his cop-armor.

Melody turned into his chest, her shoulders shaking, as she silently cried. He didn’t speak, just gently rocked her until her tears were spent.

Finally, she took a deep breath and pulled away…her face puffy…her nose red. “I hate guns,” she whispered.

“I’m not too fond of them myself.”

To learn more about Linda Trout and the stories she creates, go to:





To purchase Tangled Promises, go to:


Barnes & Noble:


The Wild Rose Press:


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War Forged Bond

WWII – two lanky farm boys. One older, one so green he still had dirt under his fingernails. One from Texas, one from Oklahoma.

The bond these men forged goes beyond simple army buddies. They became not just brothers-in-arms, but brothers-in-spirit, and that bond lasted the rest of their lives, spanning more than 70 years after the war ended.

Anti-aircraft gunners, they served in the same unit throughout the war, having been stationed in 6 different countries and fighting in 6 major European battles, including Omaha Beach and Battle of the Bulge.

After the war ended, they found the road between their respective homes wasn’t that far apart, only four-or-five hours drive. The bond they formed overseas strengthened over the years.

Dad and Perk

This is a picture of them at the Fort Gibson, Oklahoma National Cemetery. Yep, just two tall, lanky farm boys who loved God, country, family and each other. The one on the right is my dad and the other is Perk, his nickname and the only name any of us ever called him. Thank goodness Dad’s nickname (Pineapple) was dropped after the war. Silly man shouldn’t have asked what those strange trees in California were. His buddies never let him forget it. 😉

Dad now rests in that cemetery. Perk, of course, is buried in Texas soil.

Their bonds lasted a lifetime, and I’m sure beyond, but this is what Memorial Day is about. The men and women who put their lives on the line so that we can be free.

Rest in peace Veterans! You are loved. You are appreciated.

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Release Day!

It’s here! The birth of my new baby.  Book Baby, that is. 😉 Effective today, TANGLED PROMISES has officially been released into the world via my wonderful publisher, The Wild Rose Press. Woot!


I am SO in love with this story. I love the angst that Melody Rose goes through trying to find her new normal in life after her husband is killed.

I love her determination in trying to figure out who she is without him.

I love her (eventual) wiliness to see past Jake’s gun and see the man behind the badge.

I love how Jake Bennett has his own issues to contend with, mainly his desire to return to the Chicago police force. Being a detective defines him. Being a small town sheriff? Not so much.

I love how he finds ways to adapt to his new position in life.

I love how he struggles with his feelings for the woman who has quietly captured his heart.

So much is on the line and you’ll wonder whether the choices Melody and Jake make will bring them one step closer to happiness, or complete disaster.

There are twists and turns throughout the story, and hopefully you’ll find it a page turner.

So make my heart smile and check out my latest romantic suspense.


Widow Melody Rose has already lost one man whose job involved guns and violence. She swore she’d never put herself through that again.

At first Sheriff Jake Bennett wants nothing to do with the taciturn café owner, but Melody intrigues him. When a stalker targets her, he’s determined to protect the woman he has fallen for. But can Melody overcome her greatest fear and save the man she never dreamed would claim her heart?




Barnes & Noble:

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N. N. Light’s Book Heaven Stress Busting Book Festival

Stress got the best of you in these uncertain times? Escape inside these books and watch your stress disappear at N. N. Light’s Book Heaven Stress Busting Book Festival. 43 books featured plus a chance to win one of the following:

Enter to win a $50 Amazon (US) or Barnes and Noble Gift Card

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I’m thrilled to be a part of this event. My book, Tangled Promises, will be featured on Tuesday, May 5th. Wait until you read my cure for winter doldrums. You won’t want to miss it.

Stress Busting Book Festival Giveaway

Bookmark this festival and tell your friends:

Remember, you can’t win if you don’t enter and I’d love to see one of my friends win a $50 Gift Card … and may the 4th be with you!

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Leap Year Announcement


February 29th.

Once every four years. That’s all we get to see of this date. For all of you celebrating your birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

It’s a bright, sunny, and warm day here in Oklahoma and I hope you’re having a wonderful day wherever you are. May you be surrounded by family and friends who are spoiling you rotten. Hey, they/we celebrate every year. They should make your day extra special. Don’t you think so? Yeah, me, too. 😉


Since this is Leap Year, and since I haven’t actually had a new release in a few years, thought this would be the perfect day for this post.

I’ve been waiting for news from my editor and the publisher on the status of TANGLED PROMISES. I know they’re working on the final stages of the book, but I ‘think’ I have one-more round of edits to check/do. Think being the operative word. I’m not sure.

I’ve been so caught up in the final stages of the bathroom remodel, plus the re-roofing on my house, then the repairs on the inside from the water leak, that I find my brain drifting. But man, it’s hard to keep my mind on anything with banging from the roofers (and the entire house shaking when they drop a roll of felt paper on it), then paint fumes. Yeah. My bad.

That said, since the ball is still in the publisher’s court, and since I don’t have the release date yet, I thought I’d grace you with the book cover. So without further ado, ta-da!!


Can’t you see yourself getting lost among the hills and valleys of the Ozark Mountains (like the couple who practically melt into the foggy mountain)? It is truly beautiful country.

I can’t wait for you to explore those mountains along with Melody Rose, who grew up in the sleepy little town of Rock Ledge, and former Chicago Police Detective Jake Bennett, who is now the town’s sheriff. What draws them together? What keeps them apart? What evil lurks that can destroy them?

Okay, that’s it for now. I hope you’ll all go forth and have a fantastic Leap Year Day!

Thanks for stopping by.


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She’s Alive!

It’s the beginning of a New Year (AND decade) and I’d like to resurrect myself. Yes, folks. After falling off the face of the earth for a spell, I have come back to the world of the living. 😊

I haven’t been totally idle this whole time, though. Besides a demanding life in general, I have continued to write. Actually, people were beating me up for not writing faster, so figured I’d better get with it. To that end, I’d like to announce:

I HAVE A NEW BOOK COMING OUT! WOOT! Bells. Whistles. Confetti flying everywhere.

Coming soon from the wonderful Wild Rose Press, I’d like to present


I love this story and Melody and Jake’s journey! It’s set in Northwest Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains. No release date yet, but it will be available before you can say Jiminy Cricket. Well, maybe not quite ‘that’ fast, but soon. 😉

Here’s a taste:

Widow Melody Rose has already lost one man whose job involved guns and violence. She swore she’d never put herself through that again.

At first Sheriff Jake Bennett wants nothing to do with the taciturn café owner, but Melody intrigues him. When a stalker targets her, he’s determined to protect the woman he has fallen for.

But can Melody overcome her greatest fear and save the man she never dreamed would claim her heart?

Did that whet your appetite? These two will have to overcome a lot during the course of the book, so come along for the ride and see what happens.


#newbook #amwriting #wrpbooks

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Busy Bee

This year is flying by. Seems the older I get, the faster time flies when you aren’t even looking. Yeah, I know you younger people don’t really believe that, but it’s true.

My critique partners and I have finally gotten back together after a long hiatus. I’ve had them going over my latest story, Tangled Promises. I had thought it was in fairly good shape, even though I couldn’t let it go for some reason. Now I know why I didn’t submit it. There are a TON of things that needed to be fixed! I just couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

In the meantime, I submitted that story to a couple of different contests. The first was Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc, a regional contest and conference. With a score of 100, I won 3rd Place. Un-huh. There were a lot of good entries. Luck of the draw as to where you placed, I guess.

The second contest was the Lone Star Contest, sponsored by the Northwest Houston Romance Writers of America ® chapter. I was thrilled to find out that I had finaled, then ECSTATIC to learn I’d won 1st Place!!! This is a really big contest so I’m humbled and honored to have won.


The icing on the cake? Two of the three final round judges (both editors), asked to see the full manuscript! Double Woot!! Of course, I need to finish making all those revisions my critique partners suggested and get that baby polished. {Do you hear the gnashing of teeth and see the sweat running in my eyes from working so hard?}

So, when I’m not working on those revisions, I’m preparing a workshop for Tulsa NightWriters Club The Craft of Writing Mini-Conference on November 5th. I haven’t spoken in front of a group in years, and certainly nothing like this workshop. I’m excited and scared spitless at the same time. Hopefully, I won’t stick my foot in it too bad. Come see me and find out. Here’s the link to register. There are a total of 15 different workshops that day on various issues regarding writing so I know there is something you could benefit from. Oh, the deadline to register is October 20th, so don’t dawdle too long. You’ll miss out. Walk-ins are not allowed. Btw, did I mention it’s F R E E !!!! Yeah, thought that might grab your attention. 😀

Do you think I have enough on my plate right now? At least I’m not getting bored. 🙂

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New Beginings

As 2015 rolls to an end, I can only be grateful. This has been a rough year. Not just for me but for several members of my family and friends as well.

It’s strange, actually, that at the beginning of the year I had high hopes. Yet at the same time, felt a bit of dread. How quickly those sickening feelings took root and bloomed. On January 25th, my mom’s last living 1st cousin died. She was exactly 2 months older than my dad. On February 23rd my dad had a stroke. One that he would not recover from. Five weeks and five days later, he died. Now both of my parents were gone and the house I had grown up in sat empty.

It’s said that deaths come in three’s. It sure did with our family. On July 15th, my cousin’s birthday, my sweet sister-in-law died from breast cancer. I felt like I had been kicked in the teeth and even now, months later, tears have sprung in my eyes. Perhaps because she was close to my age, that her death hit me especially hard. I know all of them are in Heaven, but the empty spots they left behind seems like huge voids.

So now, with the announcement of fireworks all around, the old year is ‘in the books’ and 2016 has arrived with boundless possibilities.

This is a new beginning. I don’t know what this year holds, but I know I’ll embrace it for all it’s worth. New opportunities await.

New dreams to be fulfilled.

New books to be written.

New friendships to be made.

New life to be brought into this world with God smiling down upon the innocent babes.

I can take a sigh of relief, relax and everything will fall into place, just as it’s supposed to. I sincerely wish a wonderful year for each and every one of you.

Goodbye 2015.

WELCOME 2016!!!!


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Freebies Galore!

During the month of October I’m participating in a give-away at All Romance eBooks. They’ll be giving away over 3,000 prizes! They have hundreds of ebooks, thousands of dollars in gift certificates, signed print books, lavish gift baskets, eReaders, tablets, and more! All you have to do is shop. However, no purchase is necessary. In lieu of purchase, you can go Here to enter.

This is an awesome opportunity to get free books, swag and more. They will randomly have a program give a prize to every X reader upon checkout or to a random non-purchase reader. Don’t worry. They’ll adjust the program throughout the contest to ensure they won’t run out of prizes before the end of the month so you can still get in on the fun (and freebies). 😉

To get started, just click on the picture below and it’ll take you directly to the site. Browse their books. Yes, Last Hope Alaska is there under Contemporary Romance and will be included in the give-a-ways. (Just in case you wanted to know. HeHe)

Happy shopping my friends!



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The countdown is on for the rerelease of GRAVE SECRETS via Amazon’s Encore Imprint line.
It’s only a matter of hours now and I’m so excited I could bust! This is my debut novel and I’m super proud of it. There are twists and turns and surprises galore. You have no idea who the villain is until the very last. At least I hope you don’t know. 😉 The book was a double finalist for the National Reader’s Choice Award. Cool, huh?

To help celebrate the books re-launch, I’m participating in an all day Facebook Party along with several other authors whose books are also rereleasing on the 25th. I write Romantic Suspense, but you’ll also find authors who write Historical, Contemporary and Urban Fantasy/Paranormal. Quite the eclectic bunch.

The times for the party will be from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm CST. My time slot during the party is between 1:00 – 2:00 CST. I’ll be sharing this slot with Urban Fantasy author Linda Kelley so stop by and see what we’re up to. Trust me, you won’t be bored. 😀

Here’s the link. Hope to see you there, my friends. ❤

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