New Release Blog Tour – Day 2

It’s Day 2 of my blog tour highlighting my latest release, LAST HOPE ALASKA. You have heard about this book, haven’t you? If not, where have you been? 🙂

I’m at several different sites today. Drop by, say Hi, and enter to win some prizes. Oh, and spread the word! Not that I don’t want YOU to win; it’s just that I like lots of company. 😀

Here’s where you can find me:

Michelle Abbott’s Blog
Books and Bindings
Rockin’ & Reviewing
MI Bookshelf
Brooke Blogs

Just an fyi – not all of the stops on this tour will be spotlights. I wrote some blogs that you don’t want to miss so visit as many of the sites during the week that you can.

See ya’!


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Blog Tour, Day 1

Today I’m kicking off a week long BLOG TOUR. Since it’s a holiday, I’m only on one site right now, but you can still enter for a chance of winning prizes. (Hint: FREE BOOKS!)

blog tour prize

Grand Prize: ebook of LAST HOPE ALASKA, 2 signed paperbacks, and swag. PLUS there will be 5 winners of 1 signed paperback.

Check me out at Writing Rambles . Drop in and enter the Rafflecopter to start earning your chances to win.

Tomorrow I’ll be visiting several places, but I’ll post that in the morning.

Have a wonderful Labor Day, everyone!!

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Murderous Musings

Hey everyone,
Today you can find me hanging out with folks who like to kill people…well, on paper, anyway. 😀

Terrific cozy mystery writer, Jackie King, has invited me to visit the Murderous Musings site. I’d love it if you’d take a minute to drop by and leave a comment.

By the way, if you’ve never read any of Jackie’s Grace Cassidy books, you’ve been missing out. How could you resist titles like: The Corpse Who Walked in the Door and The Inconvenient Corpse? Her books are on Amazon, just a click away. 🙂

Don’t forget I’m still celebrating over at Long and Short Reviews 7th Anniversary party. There are LOTS of places to enter to win prizes so don’t miss out.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

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Party Time at #LASR

It’s party time at Long and Short Reviews and I’m helping them celebrate their 7th Anniversary. I’ll have a blog posted on their site at 12:15 CST. {Click here.} WAIT! DON’T GO OUT THERE YET! Not until 12:15. (Yeah, I tried clicking on it early, too. Didn’t work. Hehe)

participant banner nonanimated 7th anniversary copy

I’m giving away a prize to one of the commenter’s. But I’m not the only one. Other guest bloggers are also giving away prizes, not to mention all the wonderful prizes from LASR and all the different publishers who are joining in on the celebration. Check out the some of the prizes:

$100, $25 and $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GCs, numerous publisher Gift Cards and books and author swag.

Did mention that prizes will be given away daily? Yeppers. Stop by every day. You don’t want to miss out.

So come by. See what I like to do to avoid the dog days of summer. My prize winner will be drawn after the party is over.

Now excuse me while I run and get my party hat. Do Not want to miss out on all the fun! 😀

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TWRP New Release Spotlight – PLUS Fun Facts and Favorite Lines…

Last Hope Alaska is featured on Alicia Dean’s blog. She’s my terrific editor, btw. 🙂

Also featured is another romantic suspense, Rio Connection, that Alicia also edited. Hmm, I think she’s showing favorites today. 😀


Author Alicia Dean

I am especially proud this week to introduce two new releases from The Wild Rose Press. They happen to be books I edited, and I’m SO pleased with both of them. Plus, I love the authors to pieces!

Keep reading for more about Carol and Linda, and their wonderful books!

Carol Henry with Rio Connection, a Romantic Suspense Novel

Espionage and danger lurk…even in paradise during Carnival 

Fun fact:

An international traveler/travel writer, I found Rio de Janeiro to be full of intrigue, excitement, and romance–a great place to set one of my romantic suspense ‘Connection’ novels. Using major attractions such as Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf Mountain as backdrops to highlight the suspense, it also provided that special spark of romance those sites, as well as the mention of Rio de Janeiro, conveys. 

A few lines:

“Is he with you here in Rio?”

“No. He’s back in New York. We’re…

View original post 218 more words

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Busy as a Beaver Building a Dam

Is your head spinning trying to keep up with everything I’m doing? Yeah. Mine, too. I have to stop and remember just what all is going on…and when. So let me see if I can outline it here.

Today I’m being featured on JM Stewart’s Favorite Hero Friday blog. Go see just who MY fav hero of all time is as well as the favorite hero from one of my books. You might be surprised. Then again, if you know me very well, you might not. hehe

Tonight I’m partying down on Facebook. Guest authors will be making an appearance and helping me celebrate Last Hope Alaska’s release. They’ll bring their own brand of surprises…and prizes. Are you seeing a pattern here? We’re giving away free stuff, folks! You might as well join in the fun and, hopefully, win a prize. 😀

Don’t forget you can still get the digital version of Last Hope Alaska for half-price from The Wild Rose Press. That’s only $2.50!! But you better hurry. After Saturday, it’s back to full price. Hey, I’m the “frugal” type so if I can get a bargain or sale price, I’m on it like white on rice.

In addition, today is the LAST DAY to get a copy of Grave Secrets for only **.99**.

People, you just can’t beat that. To make it easy for you, that’s at ANY eRetailer. This book was a National Reader’s Choice Award Finalist and reads almost like a mystery with a dash of romance thrown in. Sound good? That’s because it is.

To round out my busy, busy, (um, did I mention BUSY?) schedule, I’ll be at Woodland Hills Mall Saturday with 13 other authors at an Author Fair. There will be a wide variety of genres represented. If you’re in the Tulsa area, drop by. We’ll be on the lower level just outside of Penney’s and will be there from 10:00 to 4:00. The best part? For each book purchased (from any of the authors) your name will go into a drawing for a $100 mall gift card. Someone has to win it so it could be you. [Need not be present to win.]

Don’t forget you can still enter the giveaway for free books from yesterday’s Blitz party. See the post below for the blogs to visit.

Next week I’m helping Long and Short Reviews celebrate their 7th Anniversary. More about that later.

That’s it, folks. (That’s enough!) I’m looking forward to the party tonight and the signing tomorrow, but I’m also REALLY looking forward to a nice long nap Sunday afternoon. 😀 See ya’!

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Yes, that’s right. In celebration of the launch of LAST HOPE ALASKA, which JUST released, btw!, you can get free Autographed books by some of your favorite authors simply by visiting the sites below.

I’m being featured on 18 different blogs throughout the day. All you have to do is Like me. Leaving a comment wouldn’t hurt, either. 😉 The giveaway goes through Sunday at midnight (CST) so you’ll have plenty of time to visit all the blogs. Now that isn’t so hard, is it? 😀

This is a party so there HAVE to be prizes. Right?

giveaway (1)

Ten people will win an autographed romance paperback (there are several different subgenres but no erotica, sorry), and one person will win a Grand Prize of an eBook of Last Hope Alaska, 2 signed paperbacks plus swag. ♥

Here are the sites:
The Consummate Reader
Babs book bistro
Writing Rambles
Our One Click Addiction
StarAngels Reviews
deal sharing aunt
Kris & Vik Book Therapy Café
Booktalk with Eileen
Dalene’s Book Reviews
MI Bookshelf
Queekie Girl Reads
Indy Book Fairy
My Tangled Skeins Book Reviews
Watz Books and Teasers
Queen of All She Reads
The Book Beacon
Words, Words, Words

You’ll need enter the drawing via Rafflecopter here and the winners will be notified Monday.

Now let’s go pop a bottle of bubbly and get down and par-ta! (I’m dancing on the ceiling in case you’re wondering. Never could handle my liquor. LOL)

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Tribute to Peggy Fielding

Tonight Tulsa NightWriters will gather to remember and celebrate the life of author and friend extraordinaire, Peggy Moss Fielding, who recently passed away. Peggy was the power behind making Tulsa NightWriters the organization it is today.

I hope every writer in the world has someone like Peggy in their lives. Someone who will push you to become a better writer, who encourages you, who cheers you on, who will be your biggest critic and your biggest fan. Someone who pat’s you on the back when you do well, but won’t let you sit and cry for long when you don’t. She’d tell you to get back up, keep writing, keep learning and improving the craft, and to keep putting yourself out there.

Peggy wasn’t a quitter. Even when her health failed and she was in a nursing home, she still pushed and encouraged her little chicks.

Several years ago she had a stroke and on the way to the hospital, she passed out bookmarks to the medical personnel in the ambulance, ER, anywhere anyone would stop long enough to listen to her. She was always promoting to the best of her abilities.

When she and three other ladies wrote a book called Chick~Lit for Foxy Hens, it was only natural to give them the moniker of Foxy Hens. Peggy loved it! There were four more Foxy Hens books with various contributing authors.

She didn’t want a big funeral but instead wanted her friends to gather together to tell stories of her life, antics, and what she meant to us. Miss Peggy, we can do that. I miss her wit, sense of humor and continual wiliness to help others write and succeed.

Goodbye, sweet Peggy. Mentor. Teacher. Friend.

You are missed!

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D-Day Countdown

Okay, so it isn’t the actual D-Day of WWII, but it is release week for Last Hope Alaska, which happens this Wednesday, the 20th.

Excited? You bet!

I absolutely love this book and think you will, too. The week will start of slow, but wind up with a bang. Here’s a brief overview, with more details and the links being posted each day.

Tuesday night is the Tulsa NightWriters send off to our beloved Peggy Fielding. The world lost Peggy recently and she wanted us to have a party to celebrate her life…so we are. (Miss you, Peggy!)

Wednesday is the Worldwide release of Last Hope Alaska. You’ll be able to get the book wherever eBooks are sold. I’ll post all the links on Wednesday.

You can also find me on Susan Shay’s blog. Come see what probing questions she likes to ask. 😉 

Thursday there will be an all day, all out Blitz of Last Hope Alaska. Check back for the places you can find me.

On Friday you’ll find me a couple of places. First, I’ll be blogging on Favorite Hero Friday.

Then that night I’ll have a Facebook party from 6-8. (Wear your jammies. I won’t know. 🙂 )

Saturday I’m participating in an all day Author Fair at Woodland Hills Mall from 10-4. Come check me out and see what special table displays I have planned.

Think this will be enough to keep me out of trouble for awhile? Um, maybe. hehe

Keep reading my friends.

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♥ The Best ♥

This is a wonderful friend of mine talking about another of our friends, Marilyn Pappano. If you haven’t read Marilyn before, then you’ve been missing out. Check her out. You won’t be sorry.

Susan Spess Shay

I don’t know if it’s my sex, what my parents taught me or my age (we’re not going there!) but for some reason, it’s much easier to crow about a friends’ books than it is my own.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I have a couple of friends with books coming out in the very near future and I’m so excited, I’m dancing on my toes!

Today, I want to tell you about Marilyn Pappano.


Yes, I really know this famous author (honest!) and she’s not only a fantastic writer, she’s nice. Oh,  and she’s a great friend! She has a series of books about people in the military (talk about writing what you know) and their loves. (Did I mention most of my friends write romance?)


Marilyn gets the most beautiful covers! (Perfect for her books.) Here’s a little bit about this book from the page on Amazon–


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